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Self-Help: Feelings of Anticipation

Good news! There is no guide for low-level feelings of anticipation as this level and nature of anxiety is often experienced by people as beneficial. This form of anxiety is sometimes described as excitement without breath!
When we are approaching something that we are, at some level, excited about then our mind can get active in a very beneficial way. This is perhaps similar to the fight or flight response to danger where our mind attempts to prepare us for action. The action may be some competitive sport, meeting someone socially who has the potential to become important to us, joining in a special social occasion, or perhaps giving a performance of some kind in front of other people. Our anticipation brings us to a state of raised alertness and our senses become sharper, our muscles are readied, our thinking becomes focussed.
It is true that the feelings of anticipation can become distracting and lead to dysfunction rather than hyperfunction. If this is the case for you then click here to explore ways of managing the feelings of anxiety or to click here to manage over-thinking.
In general, relying just on anticipation to achieve the things that you want may be a poor strategy. Improved performance comes through preparation, building self-confidence, learning from previous experiences, knowing what your aims and purposes are, and managing your feelings in the moment so that you can perform to the best of you ability.