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Self-Help Resources

Don't know how? Here's how!

Break a Habit, Stop Smoking, Ease Anxiety, Manage Drinking, Performance Enhancement, Regain Self-Esteem, and Much More.

Self-Help Guides

Simple techniques that can retrain your mind and your mental habits for long-term benefit.
Understand your emotions and enjoy responding to life instead of being stressed out by your reactions to it.
Gain or regain control over your own internal experiences instead of being the victim of them.
How to:
--------------------Ignore everything below this line-------------------------------------------------------------------------This is my old front-end for downloadable meditations (these are being converted into general guides):
I don’t have a great personal success story to give you.
I do not claim to have the ability to make a fortune using just the power of my mind and I cannot channel unseen energies to cure illness.
I am not a life-long psychology academic.
What I can say is that I have experienced a number of tough times in my life, much like most people. Attempting to run my own business for 25 years I have faced bankruptcy more than once. I have experienced long-term relationship breakdown more than once. I have swapped career paths at just the wrong time and I have made things tough for myself at times by doing things ‘my way’.
I have also spent the past 17 years learning how to go about things in a different way. During those 17 years I have retrained, I have worked with others, and I have self-supported. Though sometimes swamped with literature, advice, and opinions, I have worked to expose the fundamental pragmatic techniques that enabled my changes to take place and to continue.


Here are a couple of audio samples of guided imagination that you may enjoy. I created these for my own interest and, though simple, have found them most interesting to use at times. These are really intended for clients that have already learned how to enjoy hypnosis but are really suitable for anyone. Just click on the links below, but obviously don't attempt to listen to these if you are driving or needing to concentrate on anything important:

General and for any Change

Make a Quick Change

Change a Habit

Break any Habit Protocol
Stop Smoking Protocol 1 This is as taught by Corinna Elsey and is based on a method introduced by Valerie Austin in 1990 as 'The Austin Technique" or 'Stop Smoking in One Hour'
Stop Smoking Protocol 2 Stop in a Week: 2-session protocol
Stop Smoking Protocol 3 Stop When Ready 2+ session protocol
Control Your Drinking Stop drinking in a single session
Sobering Up Protocol Manage Drinking in a Week: 2-session protocol
Body Management

Relaxation, Anxiety, and Depression

Relax and Enjoy Life
Wonderful De-Stress Experience
Deal With Anxiety and Depression
Deal With a Specific Fear

Explore and Enjoy

Protocol to Explore
A Wonderful Experience


Boost Confidence
Boost Specific Confidence
Boost Sports Performance