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Self-Help: How to Get Relief From Depression


Self-help resourses from this website are not intended to be used in the place of professionally defined treatments and therapies but to act as a complement to any existing treatment. If you have or need the support of a health-care professional then ask them for the appropriateness of using self-help to support the treatment that they have prescribed.
These self-help resources are designed to be safe to use, to be as simple as possible to use, and are generalised. By definition these self-help resources cannot be made therapeutic as there is no assessment possible of your individual needs and no personalisation of the resource content. Self-help from this website is intended to be educational in the sense that the theory and content of the self-help resource is described, how it may be able to help is described, and how to get the best out of the approach now and into the future is also provided.
Depression is a very varied experience. Even when two people who have experienced depression their individual experiences can be almost unrecognisable in terms of what they feel, how severe their condition may be, where it came from, and how to gain relief. There are also a wide variety of techniques, therapies, and approaches that can be valuable to manage and reduce anxiety.
One feature of depression that is often shared by many is a sense of hopelessness and that is what is explored in this guide.