Master Bad Habits

Four-Step Program

Routines and Habits

Routines are repeated patterns of behaviour that we develop and adopt to support our everyday life. Routines can become automatic over time and we may then identify them as habits.
Chronic Habits are repeated patterns of behaviour that have, over time, become part of our daily life. They continue to be driven by our Automatic (subconscious or non-conscious) Mind as an attempt to self-medicate our times of real or imagined discomfort. Chronic habits are often self-defeating or self-damaging in the long-term yet the temptations and cravings generated by our Automatic Mind remain in place, making these habits difficult to change.

Four-Step Program, to Master Your Unwanted Chronic Habits:

These are the basic four steps that comprise the Four-Step Program.
Step 1:
Work out what you really want and choose a target. There's plenty of information available to help you if you want it.
Step 2:
Commit to your target and use a guided meditation to enrol your Automatic Mind to support you to change your habit.
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Step 3:
Learn how to reduce your own temptations on a daily basis.
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Step 4:
Acknowledge yourself for what you have achieved, or for what you have learned no matter what you have achieved, and for your willingness to set a new target.
Challenges are inevitable. Click here to learn more about how to support yourself with self-care and dealing with specific challenges.
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Of course, there is much more potential, depth, and complexity in each of these steps than is apparent at first glance. This website presents the vital 'how-to' and also covers pitfalls and solutions to help you on your way.
Changing a deep habit inevitably takes time, so expect to repeat these steps, possibly many times. The aim is to master your habit at a Automatic/muscle-memory level guided by your own choices over time.
With the Four-Step Program you don't have to make a huge initial commitment. You may choose to start with a relatively easy target.
The Four-Step Program consists of guided meditations, to start you off, and a primary temptation-control method for you to use on a daily basis to achieve your objective over time. There are also supporting texts and meditations to deepen your ability to understand what challenges you may come across and how you can overcome these.

A Self-Care Introduction to Habit-Mastery

I suggest that there is an alternative to the somewhat fatalistic view of habits/addiction/dependency which tends to focus on our repeating behaviours as an inevitable hard-wired fault that we are the victims of. I claim that there is much that we can do that will allow us to take back the management of our own habits and behaviour. I'm not claiming that fighting chemical or psychological dependency is always easy, and nor is it instant, but I do believe that we can achieve a lot when we understand a little more about how to go about change.
We all know that we CAN change our habits even when we don't have direct control over our body and its reactions to chemicals, allergens, and irritants. So, why not focus on what we can change rather than what we can't?