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John The Walker of Minds

Helping people to care for themselves

How do we deal with our emotions?, How can we feel OK just being ourselves?, How do we go about understanding life?, How do we motivate and energise ourselves to make meaningful life changes?
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I am John Cochrane and I sometimes call myself The Walker of Minds, because I love to explore the human mind to find out more about the experience of being human and, now and again, to gain insight into our motivations and how to make changes that last.
I am a now-retired fully-qualified clinical hypnotherapist and life-improvement coach. Previously I have been an analytical consultant, an author, and I had a computing company offering advanced accounting products.
Before retiring I offered therapy, coaching, and occasional courses where I taught with partners. I traded under the business name of "The Guiding Path" as well as under my own name.
My ongoing aim is to describe some of the easiest and most effective ways to help individuals to make meaningful changes in their lives and to give as many people as I can the ability to improve their lives.
I no longer practise hypnotherapy but retain opinions and knowledge gained during my years of training and experience, and at least some of that is still included on my online web pages.