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Self-Care Resources

Don't know how? Here's how!

Break a Habit, Stop Smoking, Ease Anxiety, Manage Drinking, Performance Enhancement, Regain Self-Esteem, and Much More.

Guided Meditations for Wellbeing

Notes on Using Meditation Recordings

What the audio material is for:

Audio material as a meditation is intended to support or boost the long-term effectiveness of self-care change work.
Self-care results, particularly in the long-term, can be enhanced by simple forms of self-support such as listening to appropriate audio material or learning simple self-awareness and self-esteem skills.
Self-care often aims to change long-term habits and there can be temptations to reverse such changes in the first few months. Booster or change-support material is intended to counter such temptations.

How often to use audio material:

You can use the audio material on a regular basis or just as needed if you notice that you have any temptations to return to your old habitual behaviour. Everybody is different with different needs and different responses to audio material.
The effects of repeated audio meditation tend to be cumulative up to a maximum. Generally you might listen once per week for say 3 weeks to get an idea of how you respond to the audio and then swap to maybe once per month for on-going support until you reach a point where you no longer feel the need for any additional support.
Consult with your guide/coach/therapist if you think that you need specific support or if you think that the audio material is not appropriate for you.

How to avoid simple problems:

Do not play any kind of self-care meditation audio whilst driving or operating machinery.
Pick a place where you can relax in reasonable comfort without distractions; sitting, reclining, or lying down.
Pick a time when you are less likely to be interrupted.
It is best for you to be free of the effects of drink or consciousness-altering drugs, including significant medication.
If you find that you are tending to relax so much that you fall asleep whilst listening (trance can be very close to sleep) then you might want to try listening before eating or earlier in the day. If the problem persists you can also try drinking tea, coffee, or peppermint before listening. Don’t worry too much about falling asleep though as your subconscious will normally still be listening to the audio at least to some degree.
If you find that you are having difficulty relaxing and you are anxious or fully awake whilst listening then the reverse advice applies: Make sure you have not recently drunk a stimulant such as tea, coffee, or peppermint. Try listening later in the day or after a main meal when you are naturally more relaxed.

Trancework Files

Trancework Meditation.
Meet with a Wise-One and learn something new:
Wise One Finds Something Valuable
Trancework Meditation.
Take a quick visit to the Awesome Stairs:
Mini Awesome Stairs

Health and Wellbeing Files

Trancework Meditation.
Building resolve through affirmation:
Building Resolve
Trancework Meditation.
Resist stress by building resilient confidence:
Resilience Under Stress
Trancework Meditation.
Build calm-determination to counter anxiety:
Release From Anxiety
Trancework Meditation.
Increase hope for an empowered future:
Hope for the Future
Trancework Meditation.
Building subconscious resilience:
Cryptic Resilience
Trancework Meditation.
Suggestions for you to enjoy life more, just as it is:
Enjoying Life

Mini-Wellbeing Files

Trancework Meditation.
Directing the subconscious to help with a physical issue:
Mini Body Work
Trancework Meditation.
A simple hope-filled approach to lift depression:
Mini End To Depression
Trancework Meditation.
Stop procrastination:
No More Procrastination Mini

Four-Step Program Files

Trancework Meditation.
This meditation encourages a sense of pride in remaining sober:
Sober and Proud
Trancework Meditation.
This meditation addresses the urge to drink and aims to diminish it:
No Urge To Drink
Trancework Meditation.
This meditation boosts the conscious control of drinking to a managed level:
Control Your Drinking
Trancework Meditation.
This meditation is a short-form meditation intended to support a low-level of drinking:
Healthy Drink Habit

Sleeping Meditations

Trancework Meditation.
Just one aim - to go to sleep:
Go To Sleep Magic Sleep
Trancework Meditation.
Take a quick visit to the Awesome Stairs:
Mini Awesome Stairs Magic Sleep
Trancework Meditation.
A sleeping meditation to the Awesome Stairs:
Awesome Stairs Magic Sleep
Trancework Meditation.
A sleeping meditation to practise inner balance:
Life Balance Lifirmation Magic Sleep
Trancework Meditation.
A sleeping meditation to boost inner welbeing:
Wellbeing Magic Sleep
Trancework Meditation.
Just choral:
Choral Steps