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How to Cope With Unwanted Feelings

This is for on-going hard-to-release feelings only, not for when you are in the thick of it or coming out of some particular big issue or situation.
1. Listen to Your Feelings.
Take some quiet time to actually accept and recognise your feelings. This is not the time to wallow or sink into your feelings but simply to monitor what they actually are.
2. Remember.
What past time do these feelings remind you of? When have you felt these feelings before? What was the situation and what was going on?
3. Release.
Chances are that strong feelings from the past will have set up an association that is being re-triggered. In effect you are reliving feelings from the past that you have associated with something that has happened to you recently. To break the association simply remind yourself that the past belongs in the past and that what you felt then is not relevant to here and now.
4. Give Yourself Time.
Feelings-based associations can take time to break down and fully release. Repeat this process up to twice a day.This is what you do…..