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How do we deal with our emotions?, How can we feel OK just being ourselves?, How do we go about understanding life?, How do we motivate and energise ourselves to make meaningful life changes?
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Confidentiality Policy

Most web pages on this website are completely free to access and use on a personal basis.
If you use a contact form then we ask you to supply an email address so that we can respond if appropriate. We will not use your contact details to send unsolicited communications.
The Personality Questionnaire asks you to log in and stores your questionnaire results so that you can access additional material relating to your individual results in the future. You can choose to log in anonomously and still get the basic questionnaire results but you will not then be able to get personalised additional material. More information is available from the Personality main page.
None of your personal information is gathered without your knowledge. None of your personal data is stored on or offline without your knowledge. None of your data is used for advertising or other commercial purposes. None of your personal data is passed to anyone else. We do not ask for nor hold any financial information.