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Stepping Stones

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Character is an expression of our inner passion.

When we show ourselves for who we really are, something deep connects and we thrill to life.

Often we hold ourselves back though, and our message is diluted into everyday going through the motions.
We are ALL on a path of personal growth, whether we know it or not and whether we choose it or not, whether we care or not. Personal growth is an intimate part of growing up, of gaining wisdom, and of gaining fulfilment from life. Personal growth is also the way that we get to express our passions truthfully, energetically, and effectively. It starts with recognising who and what we are.
Enjoy finding out a little more about your personality, and learn about some of your challenges at the same time! This simple questionnaire tells it like it is; strengths, challenges and all.
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Speculations and observations on being human.
The Guiding Path offers courses and coaching for personal growth, personal confidence, self-esteem work, and personal achievement.