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Walks of Mind

Illuminating What Goes on in our Mind

We view life through the lens of our own beliefs.
There are times when I am fired with passion, when my whole self seems to be so energised and full that I am sure that people around me will be burned. And there are times when I am in a deep dark place of isolation and embittered fear. And much of the time I am in neither place, I am living my life from day to day.
I know which end of the spectrum of experience I want to be living in but have often found it a huge challenge to get myself there. This site holds some of the things that I have learned that have made a difference. Sometimes I just wish I'd found out sooner!

Welcome to Walks of Mind!

Walks of Mind is basically an exploration. An exploration of some of the potentially more confusing aspects of being human. Much of the content of Walks of Mind is based on my own opinion - I invite you to share some of my thoughts and I leave you to make up your own mind about what you take on board for yourself. Walks of Mind was mainly produced around the year 2005 and although I have learned much more since then, particularly from the ever-expanding knowledge coming out of neuroscience research, the basic ideas in Walks of Mind remain of interest.
At the core of Walks of Mind are a series of 'walks'. Eack walk in Walks of Mind explores a different aspect of our behaviour or addresses the way that our mind works.
Each of the walks represents a topic that I have personally found unsatisfactorily covered elsewhere or where I believe that I have something genuinely useful to contribute.
But insights can only be meaningful when we are ready for them. This is a consequence of the way that we learn; we tend not to be able to make profound use of insights that do not aid our understanding of the life that we are currently experiencing. We may gain an intellectual understanding but we are unlikely to 'get-it" unless and until we are ready. For this reason I advise you to follow your instincts on this site rather than treating it as a text book. You will be drawn toward that which is most likely to be important to you and you will hopefully understand it in a way that is appropriate to you.