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Walks of Mind

Illuminating What Goes on in our Mind

The Walks

Introduction to These Walks

Some Primer Walks:

A Walk in the Park
Deep Beliefs
(We Define Our Self)

The Main Walks:

A Spectrum of Emotion
(The Triangle of Motivation)
A Change of Mind
(Ghosts of the Mind and Boosting Capability)
Why is Everything in Life Always so Difficult?
(The Challenge of Life)
(The Many Faces of Anger)
Oh No You Don't!
(Resentment and Blaming ? The Fear Alarm)
She Loves me, She Loves Me Not!
(Conditional and Unconditional Love)
So That's What Life is About!
(The Evolution of God Theory)
Last Thoughts

The Walks

If you visit a new country or vacation area, you may well get yourself a guide book or book yourself on a tour that will give you information about the places and sights on offer. A vacation guide book will often set out a series of self-guided tours that help you to get the most out of your time and see the sights to the best advantage.
This website is a little like a tour guide for the mind, with a series of walking tours where we take the time to see what is there to be seen. Each 'walk" explores a different theme and yet all the walks relate to each, they all occur in a place that we experience every waking moment of our lives. The sights and places to discover that these walks explore are all in a place that we are already familiar with - or are we?
You have lived with your mind since the day you were born, and arguably even before that. But do you know what is going on when you get bored, or when you are depressed? Do you know why you 'feel" a certain way when you are excited or attracted toward someone? Do you know why you tend to believe that life is tough at times? Do you know why you can sometimes find yourself full of righteous anger? These are all experiences that we know about, we each know what the experience is like, but do you know why we experience these things in the way that we do? And if you could get a handle on the 'why', don't you think that would give you a much better chance of appropriately choosing how you wanted to 'be'?
Each walk on this website, this 'guide book', examines what is going on in a simple way that delves to the roots of how and why. Each walk is written as an exploration, a tour of discovery that exposes key insights into what goes on for each and every one of us as we live our day-to-day lives. Important points are highlighted in each walk and it is worth pausing at each of these to take these points in.
Walks of Mind is packed full of insights, ideas, and propositions examining how we came to be as we are and why we tend to experience life as we do. Most importantly, this site uncovers some of the underlying, and simple, reasons for some of the most challenging struggles that we can face.