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John The Mind Walker

Helping people to help themselves

How do we deal with our emotions?, How can we feel OK just being ourselves?, How do we go about understanding life?, How do we motivate and energise ourselves to make meaningful life changes?

About The Mind Walker

I have found out late in life that I am autistic. Through my life, this has given me a different way of thinking plus an incentive to find out what makes me the same and different from most other people. I have spent many decades of being fascinated with the human mind and searching for reliable and meaningful information, exploring lots of psychologies and philosophies, and seeking enlightenment. Over time I have been taught and found a number of significant answers to simple-seeming questions.
Why do we feel the way we do, when feelings are often so uncomfortable?
How do we recognise, yet alone follow, a path that represents our highest values?
How do we get on in a world full of doubts and challenges?
How do we reach out to that which is most important to us when we don't always find it easy to know what we want?
How can I escape and move beyond my past my present limitations?
I call myself The Mind Walker because I spend so much of my time exploring the landscape of the human mind. For me, that is where the most exciting unknowns are. And, the more I explore the more I am able to help and guide others through my coaching, teaching, and therapy sessions.
Because I have walked through the landscape of the mind, I have learnt much about trauma and anxiety. I have learnt much about fear and depression, aspiration and bliss, remorse and forgiveness, about learning from life and the rewards for seeking alignment with it, truth and awareness, habits and how to change them, and love. I have learnt a thing or two about how to use all this to our personal advantage.
Through these web pages I intend to share just a fraction of my insights, observations, and knowledge with fellow seekers in life. If you do some of your own exploring here you will find different ideas and areas to be interested in. My web pages have been and remain a work in progress that will continue to evolve as I continue to walk the paths of the human mind, both the well-travelled and the less well-travelled.