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John The Walker of Minds

Helping people to care for themselves

How do we deal with our emotions?, How can we feel OK just being ourselves?, How do we go about understanding life?, How do we motivate and energise ourselves to make meaningful life changes?
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About This Website

This website contains three main areas that have been developed at different times:
"Self-Care", is a collection of approaches, methodologies, and guides taken from my personal learning and professional training that is presented to allow people to self-help in a wide range of circumstances. This area contains material mainly dating from 2011 to the present day (2023 at time of writing) and I continue to add to this area from time to time.
"Release Your Personality" is a novel personality-test which looks at character (that part of our personality that potentially changes over time) rather than temperament (that part of out personality that does not change). Nearly all serious personality testing focusses on temperament as this allows repeatability to be demonstrated and hence implies a potential to validate the testing approach. However, as my interest has been with therapy and personal-development it was important to focus on character. I completed the basic testing approach between 2008 and 2010 as a web-based tool but I was not then nor subsequently able to complete features such as potential personal-development material tailored to an individual's test result.
The third area, "Walks of Mind", dates back to around 2003 to 2006 and covers a variety of explorations of topics that are experienced by us all but, at that time, seemed to have little common appreciation.
I maintain that every individual is different and experiences their life very different ways. This means that a single fixed source of information, whether it is a book, a video, a public speaker, or a website, will only become accessible and relevant to a proportion of people who may have a potential interest in the core material. My intention for providing this website with a variety of ways of reading it and a variety of presentation approaches is to make whatever information I have accessible to as wide a range of recipients as I can. "Walks of Mind" follows a story-like process, "Release Your Personality" is experiential at a personal level, and "Self-Care" is much more free-form with potential for finding information on particular topics.
This website is not 'complete'. There are gaps and places where I have simply not had the time to organise my knowledge. Also, I have found out relatively late in life that I am on the Autism Spectrum and I am still working through what this means about some of the areas that are included in this website. For example, my understanding of anxiety and how it can play out in myself and others has expanded greatly but I have not yet reflected that back fully into this website.