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Release Your Personality!
About the Questionnaire

Want to know what this website is about?

This Personality Questionnaire website is something new....
The website is unique in that it identifies aspects of personality that CAN be modified (as opposed to those that are innate and hence unchanging).
The website is unique in that it provides a guide to the most appropriate areas of personality to work on for each individual filling in the questionnaire.
The website is unique in that it can build to provide guides, links, and other resources to directly support your exploration and personal growth work.
The website is unique in that it will offer a tailored e-guide series at low cost for each individual filling in the questionnaire.
There is an underlying assumption here that everyone is unique and that a 'one-size-fits-all" approach to personal growth is not suitable for most people.This is the first time, so far as we are aware, that a simple questionnaire has been developed to identify aspects of personality, experience, and behaviour derived from our deep-seated and often unconscious beliefs. The significance of this approach is that it can be used to enhance personal development and personal growth by identifying the most appropriate areas to focus on and the resources that may be available to assist that.
The analysis is new in that it bridges the divide between belief-based (cognitive) personality and traditional psychologically-based tests, such as Keirsey, MBTI, and the Big 5, that seek to identify fixed personality traits. Online and business-based personality tests derived from the traditional psychological approach have become very popular, but do not cover the aspects of personality that change as we grow and that are the focus of personal development or spiritual growth work.
This new questionnaire seeks to identify the predominant characteristics of our personality, our particular strengths and weaknesses that make up our character, and takes this further to illuminate personal development challenges and our own likely 'growth edge'. With this analysis it will be feasible, for perhaps the first time, for people to identify what their next significant growth area may be and what resources (approaches, courses, teachers/coaches, books, websites, organisations, experiences, etc.) are available and appropriate to support that. In addition, the questionnaire can be used on a regular basis, to monitor progress and change.
The questionnaire itself will typically take from 10 to 30 minutes to complete and the analysis is delivered online immediately and can also sent in a fuller form as an email. There is also an online feedback form (there's a link in the analysis and in the email) where users can give their impressions of the test and the analysis to help us improve the questionnaire and the accuracy of the analysis that it produces.
On completing the questionnaire, you are shown a summary of your results on screen and the full results can be sent by email if you wish. Because of the depth of the analysis you may find it best to read and re-read it to take it all in and to get a deeper understanding of what applies directly to you and what does not. Beware though! Sometimes the most important feedback to receive is the feedback that we least want to hear.