We don't take or store your personal data (other than to show this message) unless you register. Please read our confidentiality policy for details.
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Confidentiality of Personal Data

Confidentiality Policy

The main questionnaire and the analysis calculated from it are available to anyone, there is no need to provide logon information. People taking the questionnaire can remain completely anonymous still receive the complete questionnaire results.
In addition, there are a number of areas on this website that are only available to registered users, including the e-Guide, newsletters, interactive user-forum, online resources, and so on. As a minimum for registration we ask for an email address and a password, though we also ask you to add you name, which is used for addressing communications.
It is our policy to not pass on any of your contact details to third-parties unless you specifically require us to do so, for example if you want to follow up on a particular enquiry.
We will use your contact information ourselves to send you your requested information and to contact you in association with your emailing account only. We do not ask for nor hold any financial information. No named information about your questionnaire answers or results will be passed to third parties, though we may use questionnaire results anonymously in bulk to improve the quality of the questionnaire and analysis.
We will not use your contact details to send unsolicited communications.