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Choices in Life

Bringing Ourselves to Life

Explore Making Life Choices That Make Sense

A Coach-Led course for small groups: from 3 people upwards.

“Choices in Life”

builds on the material developed over the past 3 years to support our workshop “The Empowered Self” and in direct one-to-one coaching. The course material derives from the learnings, insights, and approaches distilled from many years of personal work and work with many, many different people.

Free Preview Events

Ask us about free preview events. We invite everyone that enquires about our courses to attend a free preview that typically lasts just one hour to find out more about the course and its content.


This course is forward-looking. It deals with aspiration and passion. It deals with life-long learning and creative intention. It deals with reality and circumstance, and it deals with personal growth and confidence based on real-life achievement.

Excellent Value

The course is available at the low rate of £149 for the full 5-session course (to be held as 5 two-hour sessions) and the supporting material. You will take away a solid introduction to how to discern your wants, how to make affirmative life choices, how to become resilient in the face of challenge, and how to enjoy yourself more whilst also becoming more effective!

Open to All

This is an entry-level course in that it is open to anyone and it presents fundamentals. It aims to provide stimulating delivery of information at a pace that will energise you. The course is interactive and gives opportunities to experience the benefits of the approaches directly during the sessions.

Find out More!

To find out more contact us as below. We host preview open-hour sessions leading up to the course - contact us us to make sure that you find out when these are to be held. These open sessions introduce the course and to hear from you. Do let us know that you want to come along. If you are re-evaluating your life or wanting to move on, this could be just the course for you!
To find out more or to apply to join the course contact us through the contacts page.
What’s the course about?
It’s about how to live life from our deepest intentions. Five 2-hour sessions, packed with ideas, insights, and opportunities to progress:
“If we are not in touch with our true inner self, our aspirations will tend to come out as desperations.”
Learn about becoming more calm-attentive. Learn to trust yourself more to ‘know’ what to do next and to tune in to your own intuition. Build confidence in your own ability to manage your thoughts and your life.
“To be in touch with our passion is to experience the thrill of life flowing through us.”
Learn about the significance and importance of becoming aware of and listening to our own intuitive ‘voice within’. Learn to connect to passion and life-long wants through feelings and our in-built sense of ‘aliveness’.
“Yearnings and longings are expressions of passion improperly understood.”
Learn about deepening your wants and exploring your meanings in life. Learn to discern your own personal motivations and aspirations.
“Whatever starts with passion inevitably requires guidance to become reality.”
Learn about achieving objectives through making goals realistic. Learn to take account of limitations and build on strengths. Become aware of the action/learning cycle: I can, I will, I am.
“Life is led and lived from within. When we choose to manage what is ours to manage and lead our own lives from a place of respect, we also open to achievement, enjoyment, and growth.”
Learn about building and maintaining motivation. Learn to generate hope, enthusiasm, and determination. Build confidence using truthful self-acknowledgment – a ‘way’ of life.