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Making Change Easy

Hypnotherapy, Awareness Training, and Coaching

Hypnotherapy, Life Improvement Coaching, Affordable Personal Awareness and Personal Achievement Courses.

Courses are currently not being run due to other commitments. The following is for information only.

Micro-Coaching Courses

Low-Cost Learning in a Relaxed an Friendly Setting

Coach-led courses for very small groups: from 3 people upwards.

Micro-coaching courses bring the benefits of coach-led learning with specific topics to provide a uniquely accessible format. The benefits of this new format include flexibility, very low cost, and very low commitment requirement. The sessions are short and participants can pick and choose which ones to attend from a range of topics.
With typically 3 to 5 participants the sessions provide a friendly and personally-supportive environment to explore and learn. The guidance of the coach promotes rapid and appropriate learning.
Micro-coaching topics will include:

Personal Awareness Topics:

Personal Confidence
The Art and Power of Truth-Telling
Self Acknowledgement and Building Self-Esteem
Working With our Emotions
Our Meaning of Life

Bringing Ourselves to Life Topics:

Personal Achievement
Confidence in Communication
Taming our Manipulations
Interpersonal Skills
Taking a Stand on who you are

Learning From Life Topics:

Learning to Self-Reflect
Life Themes and Challenges
Living in the Moment
Opening to Deeper Personality
Single-session price of just £20 per person!
Low-Cost Learning in a Relaxed and Friendly Setting
Coach-Led courses for very small groups: from 3 people upwards.