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Making Change Easy

Hypnotherapy, Awareness Training, and Coaching

Hypnotherapy, Life Improvement Coaching, Affordable Personal Awareness and Personal Achievement Courses.

What is Coaching?

Coaching can appear in many forms, from sports coaching, to business coaching, to educational coaching, to life coaching. Different methods are used and different skills are needed but the aim of all is similar: to help a client to achieve what they want in a way that fits in with the client's broader life aims.

What is Life Improvement Coaching?

Life Improvement Coaching deals with personal issues such as confidence, happiness, motivation, and general wellbeing. At The Guiding Path we provide coaching to suit our client's needs and offer various ways to do this including combining coaching with hypnotherapy and coaching clients in small group informal workshops.
Coaching should always involve an element of education. It is our policy for coaching to not just achieve objectives but for our clients to learn how they can do this for themselves and so continue to achieve life-long benefit in one form or another.
Full coaching sessions are typically covered by a standard agreement with a session fee starting from £60 per hour.
Sessions are guided and follow a pre-defined theme to achieve an agreed result, based on your own wants and progress.
Sessions are confidential and a money-back guarantee ensures that sessions continue to give value.

Coaching to Improve Personal Confidence

Personal confidence is not just about being able to take on new and previously daunting tasks; that is just a side-effect. Personal confidence is a way of being, a way of knowing what you are about and how you choose to be in your life.
Confidence in depth requires honesty and openness, it requires integrity and acceptance. It brings with it a calm assertive sense of peace and capability.
Personal confidence is natural and surprisingly easy to develop. It is also part of your way of life and develops and evolves with knowledge and experience.
Vitally, personal confidence can be experienced and learned, it can be consciously nurtured and grown, it can become a lasting and appreciated quality.

Coaching to Promote Personal Growth

Personal growth need not be something that just happens.
True growth includes learning from your own innate wisdom, recognising your own unique abilities and limitations, learning how to overcome challenges, and becoming clearer day-by-day about your life purposes.
Wherever you are along your path; just starting out, well practiced, lost, or well on the way, the next steps are always there just waiting for you to be ready to take them.
Personal growth coaching allows you to realistically assess where you are in life, what your challenges are, and what will take you forward.
Personal growth coaching speeds you on your way, whether you seek contentment, achievement, enlightenment, or connection and belonging.