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Hypnotherapy, Life Improvement Coaching, Affordable Personal Awareness and Personal Achievement Courses.

Personal One-to-One Coaching

For an affordable price you can have inspiring personal coaching - and with a full money-back guarantee! If your coaching experience does not give you value for money, you get your money back!
Therapy seeks to heal and councelling seeks to solve a problem. Coaching seeks to achieve a goal.
Learn and apply new techniques and approaches. John coaches using traditional methods and his own incisive and directed material.
Go for specific achievement, or deeper learning, or personal enrichment. Follow a specific supported and guided path of enablement.
When you are seriously ready to take your next step, there is an experienced, knowledgeable, inspiring coach ready to partner you.
Currently our personal coaching is sourced by John Cochrane. Read below to find out what John can offer you.

John Cochrane

John Cochrane
I want people to make profound progress when I coach them. I can provide the insight that helps people cut through to the core of an issue and highlight the opportunities available. In coaching sessions, I want the person that I am coaching to rapidly achieve more than they thought possible.
The moments that I enjoy and treasure the most are when I am alongside someone when they fully open to their own potential, when they truly get a vital insight and the potential for change that comes along with it, or when they make one of those committed choices that offers life-changing possibility. I love to experience the blossoming of hope because in that moment I experience a deeper knowing that connects me with life and all the possibilities that it offers.
I have been many things in my life, albeit some of them briefly. I've worked as a consultant, an author, a correspondent, an aerobics instructor, a simulations expert, a software programmer, a manager, and now a coach. I am a proud father four times over and started my own consultancy and computing business that has kept me occupied for the last 25 years. I have also through the years maintained an interest in theoretical physics, motor sports, and psychology in various forms.
During the past ten years I have evolved my long-term interest in psychology and personal growth into a vital and growing core passion to greatly extend my own deeper understandings of life and to play a role in the growth of others.
I trained as a one of the first UK coaches in the More to Life organisation in London and, in the past several years, I have had the honour to support many team leaders to excel and worked with particular individuals over an extended period to put in place effective and lasting change. Indeed, many of those that I have worked with in the past are now coaches too.
In addition to the More to Life courses and activities that I have taken for my own benefit, I have been an active team leader and member of more teams than I care to remember. I have also trained as a Mentor (trainer) for the 'Power of Self Esteem" and 'Power of Purpose" courses and as a Mastery Teacher. I have also been trained as a volunteer for the Victim Support organisation.
All of this experience adds to my strong analytical and insightful skills which are matched to my deep personal caring. My passion, in teaching and coaching, is to help people on their ‘way’. I express that passion by offering achievement coaching, personal development coaching, and mastery coaching.