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Sensitivity With Calm Competance

When clients come for hypnotherapy they want something that is very important to them, and they want the therapist to help them in achieving their goal. Thus the client will normally want to be understood, be taken seriously, and be treated sensitively.
Hypnotherapy normally involves the identification of the aims or objectives of the client and usually the planned use of hypnosis either to explore deeper objectives or to assist the client toward achieving their own objectives. Depending on the objectives of the client, one or more sessions might be planned. Each session will have a specific objective and will contribute to the overall progress of the client toward achieving their overall objective.
Hypnotherapy is talking-therapy that also makes use of advanced relaxation and suggestion techniques to create subconscious support for achieving change. One of the key strengths of hypnotherapy is that it can use techniques and approaches from most other therapeutic backgrounds, often in a more effective way than is otherwise possible. For example, techniques such as parts therapy, regression, de-sensitisation, cognitive rephrasing, aversion therapy, and guided imagining can be applied in hypnosis using the ability of imagination to have a lasting effect on the subconscious mind.

John Cochrane

John Cochrane
I believe that almost everybody can benefit from support at various points in their adult lives to deal with problems, to resolve long-term issues, to gain relief from many kinds of distress, and to achieve particular objectives. Often this support can come from family, friends, and other members of society and sometimes it comes from knowledgeable professionals. I also believe many of us can benefit greatly from one-to-one support and life-long learning as part of our life journey and to enable our natural wish to improve our life over time. Following my own periods of intensive learning and experiences of creating change and gathering wisdom I am personally committed to contributing to my community through the offering of my therapeutic skills, my life-improvement skills, and sharing of my knowledge and experience.
My passion for supporting individuals is primarily focused on helping people overcome obstacles, many of which can be primarily psychological, and to achieve their aims in life. I think of myself as working with people’s perceptions and motivations so that they can improve their lives and learn how to continue that improvement for themselves. I think it is a great honour to work alongside people as they move from states of limitation, distress, and confusion into states of hope, enablement, and achievement.
Another important principle for me is that personal growth and change can be rapid and I want to give my clients the benefit of effective techniques applied in appropriate ways. Hypnotherapy offers amazing potential for achieving deep change very rapidly for the relief of many forms of discomfort. Coaching and teaching offers powerful insights into achieving change over time. I believe that adding hypnotherapy to my coaching and other skills dramatically enhances my abilities to help a very wide range of potential clients and to work with them rapidly and effectively to achieve their aims.
Although I often work with people to overcome specific issues and to build hope and define short-term goals, the larger context for me includes helping people to seek and identify their life purposes and their own individual ‘path’ in life. I aim to teach people approaches and skills that allow them to learn from their own experiences in life and thus to value and gather their own personal wisdom throughout their lives. I want people that I work with to gain immediately and also to gain in such a way that their benefits continue to accumulate for the rest of their lives.


Here are a couple of audio samples of guided imagination that you may enjoy. I created these for my own interest and, though simple, have found them most interesting to use at times. These are really intended for clients that have already learned how to enjoy hypnosis but are really suitable for anyone. Just click on the links below, but obviously don't attempt to listen to these if you are driving or needing to concentrate on anything important: