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Making Change Easy

Hypnotherapy, Awareness Training, and Coaching

Hypnotherapy, Life Improvement Coaching, Affordable Personal Awareness and Personal Achievement Courses.

Course Logistics


The fee for courses is currently £149 for the full course which is payable in advance or by the start of the first session at the latest. Concessionary rates and special-offer may be available to some: limited places are allowed for those retaking the course at £99, unwaged places may be offered for the unwaged at £99.


Courses are typically held on weekday evenings from 7pm to 9pm. A full course consists of 5 or 6 sessions (depending on the course).

Course content:

The courses are designed to build from session to session with themes that develop over time and that deliver an overall benefit in addition to the individual session learnings.

Session content:

Each session includes a range of sections that combine to give a variety of learnings and experiences. These typically include presentations, tools to try, shared experiences, journal work, video material (on some courses), and discussion periods.

Inter-session learning:

Depending on the course, there may be suggestions for practice of the techniques learned in the sessions.

Missed sessions:

If you cannot make a particular session then we ask you to let your course trainer know as early as possible - it may be possible for your course trainer to arrange a catch-up session so that you do not miss out.


Because the courses address personal information there is a strict confidentiality agreement covering the whole of the course.

Money-back guarantee:

At the end of a course there is a money-back guarantee period of one week. If you have attended all session in the course and actively engaged with the course material during and between the sessions and yet you do not think the course has delivered sufficient value then you can ask for your money back.


Most people can take one of these courses without an issue - there are no demanding physical or mental challenges. You do not need any advance training or knowledge and there is no preparatory work to be completed before the course starts. We do ask that if you are currently under medical supervision or in therapy of any sort that you confirm with your practitioner that attendance at a personal awareness course will be suitable for you. In addition we ask that you have a discussion in advance with one of the course trainers to make sure that the course is suitable for you and to enable you to get maximum benefit from the course.