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Enjoying Your Personality

Nurturing The Roots Of Self-Esteem

Understanding What Builds Confidence and Enjoyment

A Coach-Led course for small groups: from 3 people upwards.

“Enjoying Your Personality”

builds on material developed over the past 3 years to support our other workshops and courses and in direct one-to-one coaching. The course material derives from the learnings, insights, and approaches distilled from many years of personal work and work with many, many different people.

Free Preview Events

Ask us about free preview events. We invite everyone that enquires about our courses to attend a free preview that typically lasts just one hour to find out more about the course and its content.


This course is life-affirming. It deals with our sense of self and how to nurture an appreciation of our own unique qualities, personality, and intentionality. It explores how to promote healthy and empowering life-long habits that boost our enjoyment of simply being ourselves.

Excellent Value

The course is available at the low rate of £149 for the full 5-session course (to be held as 5 two-hour sessions) and the supporting material. You will take away a solid introduction to growing self-esteem, self-confidence, and how to simply enjoy your own personality!

Open to All

This is an entry-level course in that it is open to anyone and it presents fundamentals. It aims to provide stimulating delivery of information at a pace that will energise you. The course is interactive and gives opportunities to experience the benefits of the approaches directly during the sessions.

Find out More!

To find out more contact us as below. We host preview open-hour sessions leading up to the course - contact us to make sure that you find out when these are to be held. These open sessions introduce the course and to hear from you. Do let us know that you want to come along. If you want to build your self-confidence or refresh your energy and enthusiasm for life, this could be just the course for you.
To find out more or to apply to join the course contact us through the contacts page.
What’s the course about?
It’s about how to build self-confidence based on truthful self-knowledge and enjoy experiencing your own unique personality and character. Five 2-hour sessions, packed with ideas, insights, and opportunities to progress:
“The more we try to defend ourselves the more we end up attacking ourselves.”
Learn about the unconscious cycle that can lead to progressive loss of confidence, self-trust, and self-esteem. Learn simple ways to reverse this process and to challenge your own self-judgments. Build confidence in your own ability to manage your thoughts and your life.
“When we recognise ourselves for who we really are, the healing from within can begin.”
Learn about the significance and importance of constructive self-awareness and how to use this to create a lasting foundation for personal growth. Learn about centering and how to release unwanted feelings.
“True self-confidence is built on a foundation of wisdom and trust, not arrogance.”
Learn how to manage your own development and grow your self-confidence over time. Learn how to convert your self-critic into your own personal source of wisdom.
“Whatever our situation, we can choose to nurture our healthy selves.”
Learn to choose ways of being that will support you, ways of dealing with the inevitable challenges, and ways to recover from slipping back into old habits. Increase your determination and perseverance.
“Self-confidence means little in isolation, to enjoy our self means making sense of how we go about our lives.”
Learn about how to enjoy yourself more. Learn to boost your energy and enthusiasm. Learn to honour your self and make choices that you are proud of.